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ergonomic handheld mouse Y-09w Introduction:

white ergonomic handheld mouse Y-09WA-2


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This is a new style wireless trackball mouse which is ergonomically designed and fits very comfortably in the hand and wrist for a long usage. This mouse can operate in multiple modes, as normal mouse used on a plane (e.g. on a table) or hand-held with thumb control trackball, which enables fast and accurate cursor movement.


The switching of both modes of usage can be intelligently identified and switched automatically with both modes sharing the same buttons. In handheld mouse modes it does not need any plane support and there is no operating space restriction. Thus, this allows flexible movement of palm and wrist and you can adjust your posture freely.


Therefore, this mouse is effective to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is caused by long-term continuous and repetitive finger, hand or arm movements in front of the computer.




*Plug and Play

*Compatible with Windows95/98/2000/ME/XP,Windows NT, vista etc.

*Interface PS/2 or USB.

*Resolution plane 1200dpi, trackball 1600dpi.

*Effective distance within 10M.

*Working Frequency 2.4GHz.

*Dimension W: 10.5cm x L: 6.5cm x H: 5cm

*Color Black/White/Cherry blossom

*One year Manufacturers limited warranty.

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